About Us

Founded in 2020 Timber Boards are a group of enthusiastic individuals who are looking to provide durable and sustainably sourced timber to businesses around the UK. We can supply timber boards such as scaffolding, skirting boards and waney edge to both domestic and trade customers.

Due to being involved in home renovation we noticed a growing demand for scaffolding and other Timber based products. As a result of being unable to acquire what we needed we looked for alternative methods on a larger scale. This led us down the path of discovering a sustainable timber supplier who can provide us with the natural wood used to manufacture our products.

Our supplier is PEFC certified and one of the key factors when choosing them was the plan to create and manage a sustainable supply of timber.

We take the timber and manufacture it into the end products, this could include planning it, profiling it and adding treatment. Finally after passing quality checks, we deliver your timber boards right to your door.